Ryan Chaney is a songwriter, musician and anthropologist living in the Rockaways of New York. 

Sometimes, when the mood is right, Chaney, also known as The Preacher, sings about, picks from, writes about and rants on the sick, the seamy, but always fun fulminations of America's collective unconscious — with some outlaw country thrown in for shits and giggles.

From traditionals to originals, from country to carnivale, Chaney brings out the beast in even the most plaintive of melodies, infusing each tune with attention-grabbing acoustics and a soulful, forceful voice born out of years as front man to the now-defunct DC-based rock band, The Ruby Dare.  

He's as comfortable on stage as the preacher in the pulpit. And when the preacher speaks, you best hush up and listen.

Photo by  Vik Manchanda

Photo by Vik Manchanda

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